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We at Unique shell always believe that best infrastructure can deliver best quality products. As an evidence of this unique shell has invested heavily in infrastructure development. Unique Shell has now 3 Manufacturing facilities focusing on the different manufacturing processes.
Tool Design and Development
Pressure Die casting
Gravity Die Casting
Low Pressure Die Casting
Gunmetal and Phosphor Bronze casting

The following are some of the value addition that Unique Shell does to customer.

Heat Treatment Vibro Polishing
Powder Coating Vacuum Impregnation
Spray Painting Anodised / Alodine

We also machine complicated close tolerance parts with our group company Indoshell machine shop.
Click here to view Indoshell cast 

CMM - Coordinate Measuring Machine:
An advanced measuring machine ensures precision and accuracy to measurements. Accurate three-dimensional electronic devices used in quality assurance.

HG - 2D Height Gauge :
Versatile equipment for consistent quality assurance.

UTM - Tensile Testing Machine :
The tensile Testing machine provides information on proof stress, yield point, tensile strength, elongation and reduction of area.

Spectrometer :
The spectrometer test the chemical composition of a material at the input and processing stage.

Pressure Testing :
At Unique Shell, we subject the products to severe Pressure Testing to detect for leakages. Pressure testing therefore ensures quality to products even under stringent pressure conditions.

Unique Shell, specializes in the production of copper based alloy Gunmetal (85/5/5/5) and Phosphor bronze(PB-I & PB-II). We use sophisticated shell molding process for the mould manufacturing. Our process and advanced machinery ensure good surface finish.

Minimum casting weight is 0.10 Kg to 5 Kg
Complicated internal profiles can be achieved
The machining allowance can be maintained at the minimum
Assembled valves are also undertaken
Ingots are subjected to inspection
Material chemical composition control by spectrometer for every melt
Frequent temperature monitoring ( During melting & pouring)

300 Kg crucible type furnace
70 Kg crucible type pit furnace
Shell molding machine
Core shooter
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